The second semester curriculum builds on the knowledge from the previous year. This is why we recommend students start Semester 1 even though some may have some coding experience. The second semester introduces advanced topics based on the previous years work. 


Term 1

Advanced Scratch Workshop

Classes and Inheritance in Python

Digital Signage with the MAX7219 display

Controlling Servo Motors

Controlling Stepper Motors


Term 2

Advanced Iteration Techniques

Making life easy with Mathmatica

Mandelbrot generation

Fibonacci sequence

Sierpinski triangle

Working with Waves Sine. Co-Sine, Tangent, Square, Amplitude, Frequency

Using Matplotlib to create charts


Term 3

JavaScript workshop

Getting started with Node Red

Debugging and isolating flows

Blinking LED challenge in Node Red

Interfacing with Social Networks

Building a news ticker

Using Alexa to control Raspberry Pi devices