Are these classes suitable for my children?

We provide teacher-led practical computing for School year 4 Onwards for girls and boys.


Can I try the class?

Sure, the first class is always free for new students.


How are the classes?

We take students on a journey of learning about technology using a combination of coding and practical experiments using digital sensors. Every week is something different, half coding, half practical, always fun.


How long are the classes?

Each one hour lesson covers theory, real-world examples practical application and fun time.


What do I need to bring to the class?

Just come! Each student has their own computer and dedicated network account which is used to track their progress throughout the 10 week semester.


Can I bring my own projects to the class?

Yes, but in the interest of time, we can't promise to fix or get your project working.


Do you sell computer hardware?

No, however, we know lots of really good places to get cool stuff from, just ask!


Why do you only teach on the Raspberry Pi platform, what about Arduino and Micro-bit?

The Raspberry Pi is a complete computer with its own operating system. It is not dependent on third-party external systems. Arduino and Micro-bit do not compete with the Raspberry Pi they are controller based devices and are extremely useful to provide repetitive tasks at a low cost. they depend on external systems to code their functionality. We focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the Raspberry Pi provides a complete platform for this.
What is Opensource and why should I care?
Opensource is code which is freely distributed to anyone without a licence. Most of the worlds internet connected servers run an opensource code. Unlike commercial software, Opensource has no objective to lock in programming skills found in proprietary software and although sometimes lacks the polish of commercial software achieves the same purpose.