Over 50.000 children are being homeschooled across the UK, the number has risen dramatically in recent years, showing a 40% increase from 2014 to 2017, and it is expected to keep growing. The Cambridgeshire is the 6th area of the UK with the highest rate of home-educated pupils, which represent about 1.2% of the local school-aged children. This new scenario for education has been created from the concerns of many parents about the quality and flexibility of conventional education, also from the feeling that their child’s individual needs are not being met, as well as for considering that issues as bullying and exclusion are not properly addressed in “normal” schools. No matter what the reason is, every year more families are choosing home education (HE) as an alternative to schools, and are building strong HE communities that are successfully providing their children with personalised, flexible and motivating learning experiences. 

Most home educators consider real-world learning to be of huge importance, and believe this is best achieved by experiences rather than theories, that is why many home educated children to attend clubs and activities that enable them to develop a wide range of valuable skills, according to their interests, and to socialise with kids of all ages and backgrounds, significantly enriching their educational process. 
At CAMTAC we believe that our learning offer is an excellent option to complement and add to the journey of home educating families since our game-based methodology allows students to learn by doing. Through fun projects, such as creating video games and stop motion movies, designing and printing 3D toys, and programming robots, kids are able to develop and strengthen skills while making new friends. Moreover, coding courses allow children to acquire useful technical skills, but the real win is centred on the boost of creativity, problem-solving thinking and resilience that your child will experience, and these essential skills will help them for life. 
If you are a homeschooling family, we would like to invite you to participate and contribute with your ideas to design our courses and workshops, as our main goal is to keep kids happy and thriving, therefore we want to embrace all kinds of children’s needs and parent’s expectations. We would love to hear from you, contact us by filling the form below. 

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