CAMTAC is a Technology Academy for kids and teenagers in Cambridge, UK.

We offer modern technology education to inspire young generations, aimed at children between 8-15-year-olds. In our classes, they can learn how to write code in a practical way and develop their own ideas while having fun. Your children can join our different courses; Introduction to Physical Computing, The Internet of Things, Robotics, Stop Motion and Advanced Animation. Classes are mainly on Saturdays or Tuesdays after school and we also offer technology summer camps in Cambridge.

Our courses are organised into the following semesters:




History of Computers • The Transistor • Understanding Binary • How  Computers Make decisions • Introducing the Raspberry Pi • Components and Interfaces • Programming in Scratch and Python • Programming with Minecraft • Building a music synthesizer • The Math Quiz Game • The Marshmallow switch game 


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Working with Sensors • Exploring types of sensors • Input and Output • Digital vs Analogue • Internet layers • IP Addresses • Networking • Writing conditional Code (=, =<, >=) • Boolean logic •Advanced strings and integers • The Weatherstation project - temperature, humidity • Motion detection and distance measurement • Working with interfaces


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Getting started with Robotics • Controlling motors with the L293D driver • Working with dictionaries • Adding proximity detection • Random Story Game • Accelerometer sensor • Streaming Video Robot project • Robot maze challenge • Line Following



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