Animation Workshop

This short course will let you explore your imagination by creating your very own Stop Motion animated movie. Using Modeling clay, pipe-cleaners and anything else you may have lying around at home, we guide you through creating a storyboard, an action sequence, and helpful tips and tricks to creating your very own stop motion masterpiece. (Suitable for School Years 4-6).

The class sizes are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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Green Screen & Sound Effects

In this improvers session we really bring your movie to life by adding backgrounds and sounds. Learn how the movie studios use green screen effects to add backgrounds and layer effects to productions.

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Advanced Stop Motion

This session introduces post production editing, transitions and titles to your movie. This is the last stage of the production process.

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AI Workshop

This exciting course introduces kids to machine learning and AI concepts using facial recognition. This practical session trains the computer to recognise your face and can distinguish between you and others.

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Traffic Light Workshop

This workshop is designed to get you started programming in Python. Connect the miniture traffic light and see if you can program the lights in the correct order. Great way to get started with coding. Simple and lots of fun (Suitable for School Years 3-6).

The class sizes are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Traffic light workshop